Snapchat Filter Design + Upload Package

Snapchat Filter Design + Upload Package



There are two price points when ordering Snapchat Filters.


1. The fee to have the design made ( Paid to Creativelei)

2. What Snapchat charges to upload and use the filter. (Paid to Snapchat )



If you are comfortable with uploading and scheduling the Filter Design yourself, you are welcome to purchase the "Design Only" option.


If you prefer for Creativelei Design to handle the Design + Upload to Snapchat for Approval and Fee, please select the appropriate Filter + Upload Package.



DESIGN ONLY = You wil receive a Filter Design, this price does not include upload to Snapchat Fee. Customer will be responsible with uploading the Design to snapchat themselves.


DESIGN + UPLOAD = Filter will be Designed, Uploaded to Snapchat, and the Snapchat Fee ( up to $15 of Snapchat's Fee) will be covered by Creativelei Design. Once approved by Snapchat, Filter will automatically run at the schedule date and time listed in the order details. 


PLEASE NOTE: Please be sure to confirm your event address & time details when placing order. Creativelei Design cannot be held responsible for order detail orders.

  • Filter & Upload Package Information

    With this package, you have the option of allowing Creativelei Design to handle the whole process of creating your customized SnapChat Filter + Uploading to SnapChat (includes snapchat fee) for approval.

    *Please note this package only covers up to 50k Sq ft of your designated location for 6hrs or less.* You will be contacted in the event your location requires more than the standard perimeter coverage.

    Most locations that include local, non-landmark addresses will be covered under this option. There are some locations that are priced much higher , i.e. Stadiums, Theme Parks, for these instances, please request a quote to confirm your events appox cost or for events over 6 hrs, beforehand.

  • Refund Policy

    Due to the nature of the graphic design product there are absolutely no refunds.


    Snapchat Filters are scheduled and sent to snap with the Address, Date & Time details you provide in your order. We cannot be held responsible and do not offer refunds if you provide the wrong information in your order. Please be sure to verify the information you provide in your order details.


    Feel free to send an email to to confirm your order details.