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How to plan for the best
360 Spin Booth Experience

After being around the block a few times, we've encountered just about every obstacle there is when it comes to surprise set up locations at events. To prevent these instances from happening twice, we do our best to make sure you all other clients know what it takes for a great photo booth experience at their event!


Here is what our photo booth requires for our signature top-notch experience!

creativelei - 360 booth.png

Place us in an obvious location 

Too many times we've seen clients place us outside of the main event. If guests can't see us, we're out of sight and out of mind, which just plain stinks! Just in case you're worried about us being distracting during special moments, we make it a point to temporarily stop the spin booth during those times (and turn off our light) so we're not taking attention away from the special moment! 

creativelei weather icon.png

Place us inside

We love outdoor parties; but, rain, wind and unexpected weather can be damaging to our equipment as well as your guest’s photos/videos. If your only option is to put us outside, we recommend setting up a 10 x 10-foot canopy or rent our Outdoor Cabana. The photo booth may not be placed on grass or wet ground for the safety of our attendants and your guests. If rain falls as the event is happening, we will cease operation. Be proactive and carve out a space for us inside your event hall so weather is never an issue!

creativelei table icon.png

Dedicated Table

We recommend providing a table with a linen that matches the rest of your event decor. We highly encourage all our clients to do this because it makes the booth look like it actually belongs at your event, and is not just an afterthought stuck in the corner. We also encourage a cocktail table to place near the booth, so guests have a spot to set their drinks while they are in the booth.


Space requirements  

We need a space that is at least 10'x10'x10'!

Make sure to leave space for a line as well.



 In the event you require extra lighting or our TV sharing station, we need a wall outlet (110V, 10 amps, 3 prong outlet) that is dedicated for the booth. Sharing an outlet with a bunch of other things like the DJ or lighting can sometimes overpower the plug, but we have a 20 foot extension cord that can help us reach a far away outlet if needed.

360 Video Gallery

Outdoor 360 event w/ Overlay
360 with Overlay
360 Teen Video - 4 people
360 Event w/o Overlay
360 Overlay  w/ Balloon Wall
360 Video w/ Boho Overlay
360 Video w/ Picture Overlay
360 Video w/ Agate Overlay
360 Video w/ Bear Overlay
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