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Now that you've placed your order

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HERE'S What we need from you:

  • Pictures  (High Resolution if possible)

  • Logos ( *.png / transparent file) 

  • Any specific wording 

  • Colors / Theme / Symbols you'd like us to incorporate into the design

  • **Any examples / visual aides that you can provide to help us understand your instructions  (screenshots are fine)

 Always reference your order number in your correspondence.  

All details, images and desired design requests must be submitted at the start/ BEFORE we begin designing your project. Once you have provided your details and images we will create a design based on the information we have available. Due to our large volume of orders, we will not allow more than 1-2 rounds of modifications to your design, so please be as detailed and as clear as possible when describe your desired design.  We will reach out if your details are unclear.


Any modifications outside of the 2 proof rounds may result in an additional charge @ the graphic designers hourly rate. 

Please PROOFREAD all of your text before submitting, and use the proof round as a double-check.

We are not liable for any typographical, spelling, grammar errors, etc.

Submitting, “I TRUST YOUR JUDGEMENT” is not an acceptable response.  


What type of information are you providing for your order?
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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