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Garlands &   Shimmer Walls

What is an Organic Arch?

Organic balloon garlands are highly requested for events of all types. They're perfect for event spaces of all sizes as they can be completely customized to the space. Organic balloon garlands are perfect for backdrops for desert tables, cake tables, and event to show case guests of honor at an event. The soft colors and metallics are perfect for elegant events while bright colors can be used for birthdays and school events. Allow us to create something unique for special life events. 

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Organic Balloon Garland Pricing

Arches range in price from $250 up to $1200+, depending on the size, complexity and style of balloon arch. Though most air-filled balloon garland arches range from $20+ per linear foot, prices can vary for simplified helium arches or as much as $90+ per linear foot for some organic arch displays. Prices do not include delivery, setup, staging, breakdown, and cleanup.



Linear foot has to do with the length of garland that must be made in order to create the arch size you are looking for. If you imagine an arch being stretched out and laid flat against the ground, that would show you the length of the arch in linear feet.


Balloon Calculator for Arch Linear Foot

Though not perfect, it'll get you close to the correct answer: 

Width of your arch + Height of your arch = Total linear feet of the arch you want!


Here is a quick chart for standard sized balloon arches,  

their approximate heights and widths.

Commonly Called
Height x Width
Total Linear Feet
Anchor 1


Do you need that WOW! effect for your next event? Consider Creativelei to bring that extra umph! to your party with our beautiful shimmer wall install. Our Shimmer Walls can be used as an accent wall and paired with balloons, or as a standalone statement piece.

Prices start @ $250+ for a 7 x 7 wall and include our heavy duty backdrop stand. Contact us for more info or to build a package with balloon install.

creativelei pastel shimmer wall and balloon install .jpg

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