Make a statement to compliment your custom backdrop  at your next event with our Showrom Floor Decal. (Backdrop in picture is NOT included, only shown for example purposes)


We currently offer various standard sizes as shown below.  **Custom sizing is available upon request**. Any banners over the height of 4' must be split into panels. Design will be evenly split between any designs that require multiple panels. (Review the example in the gallery for panel breakdown)


Sizing Options:


  Decal Size # of Panels Panel Sizes
Small - Half Size 4ft x 6ft 1 4ft x 6ft
Small - Full Size 6ft x 6ft 2 3ft x 6ft
Standard - Half Size 4ft x 8ft 1 4ft x 8 ft
Standard - Full Size 8ft x 8ft 2 4ft x 8 ft
Large - Half Size 4ft x 10ft 1 4ft x 10 ft
Large - Full Size 8ft x 10ft  2 4ft x 10 ft
x-Large - Half Size 4ft x 12ft 1 4ft x 12ft
X- Large - Full Size 12ft x 12ft 3 4ft x 12ft

** if you have a preference for the length of the panels other than what's listed above, please indicate in your order. 




Showroom Floor Decal (Adhesive)

  • We process orders based on “Date Needed” and not by the date the order is placed.   Due to us allowing the customer to self-input “Date Needed By”, this is NOT a guaranteed date. Please DO NOT use that field for your actual event date. We strongly recommend giving yourself a cushion to allow time for edits and shipping and placing your order at least 2 weeks in advance.


    Within 24-48 business hours of placing your order, we will determine based on our current volume and the products you have in your order, approximately how soon we can provide you with a "anticipate proof date" and notify you via email. That will allow you to gauge your products estimated arrival date based on the shipping option you selected.







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